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Pakeeza Trust


Wishes from the Correspondent

Dear parents, friends and well wishers,

It is my pleasure to fulfill the aspirations of all of you in order to make the present generation with future skills and to meet the demands of modern education system

Vidhyalakshmi School is not based on any profit motto but service oriented with accessible fees structure.

The well being of children and workers is preferred which includes a convenient and comfortable infrastructure. No child or an employee should suffer out of discomfort. It is the first and foremost responsibility of the management to the supportive with uncompromising attitude for the betterment of the pupils,employees,management and the institution as a whole.

Hence my hearty wishes to all my children, staff, parents and all other well wishers that the almighty god may help and lead all of us towards what is right.

May God Bless all of You

Shri. S. Ashokkhumar
Vidhyalakshmi Group of Educational Institutions